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Some dishonest locksmiths out there will rip you off in your time of need. Many will quote a low price, usually $39.99 or $29.99 for lockout service. What they don’t tell you is that charge is only for the SERVICE CALL. They will charge you an additional $100 or more to actually UNLOCK your car or home. If that is not enough, they will request your credit card number before dispatch. They will also tell you that they will be at your site within an hour. Most of the reports are that they will keep you waiting well over an hour. When you call a locksmith, make sure the price quoted is the TOTAL price. If you are unsure, call your insurance company or a roadside assistance provider such as Cross Country or AAA. Find out who they would recommend. Any locksmith that provides service to these companies must carry insurance, be licensed and have a high rate of customer satisfaction.

What is a Master Keyed System?

A master-keyed system involves each lock having its own individual key which will not operate any other lock in the system, but where all locks can be operated by a single master-key. This is common in office suites or apartments. You can even have us install a Grand Master Key system which enables individual keys to open common areas such as conference rooms and common areas.

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