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Lost your keys?

You may already know that replacing your keys are expensive, especially if you have a high security key or transponder key. Rest assured, A Bullet Locksmith has the professional training, equipment and experience to¬†make a key for nearly any type of vehicle. Because we know what we are doing, we can keep our prices competitive. Why you need a Professional Automotive Locksmith. Older vehicles are fairly easy to rekey, but most vehicles made after 1992 have some type of security chip in it. Only a locksmith equipped with the appropriate equipment can make these types of keys, and only a seasoned locksmith knows what types of key blanks are the most common and keeps them in stock. Although your new key is usually not inexpensive, we offer much better service than the dealership. Plus, WE COME TO YOU! You don’t need the added expense of being towed to the dealer. We bring our mobile locksmith shop to your location and make your key, usually within an hour or two. That’s good quality service! Is your key stuck or has it stopped working? Many times this is due to the age of the key or vehicle. You key and lock can just get plain worn out and needs to be replaced. Often, you key just get stuck or broken off and needs the right touch to remove it and replace it with a new one. We know the difference and how to help you. Whether you need the key, door lock or ignition replaced, we can replace the hardware and match the key to the rest of your locks. When you need help, just call A Bullet Locksmith, we’ll come to you! 561-684-5669.  
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